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This next chapter will include owning land and building a sustainable restaurant and boutique dedicated to job creation and skill training for the local community.

If buying a block(s) please type your dedication in the organization field on the donation form! 


We are building a restaurant and boutique in Haiti that will use blocks purchased by you and I to make the building. It’s the relationships though that will build the sense of community that leads to a workplace for 40 Haitians to begin to foster faith, hope, love and community. This workplace may provide their first stable income that can then help provide the building blocks of survival. 

The building project will cost $250,000. In order to reach that goal we are selling blocks for $250. When you purchase a block, you can dedicate it however you want! Your family name. A loved one who’s passed away. A word of encouragement to those working in the building. 

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